CFP: Historical Studies Postgraduate Forum E-Journal

Call for Papers:

10th Issue of the Historical Studies Postgraduate Forum E-Journal

School of History, Classics and Archaeology

Newcastle University              

Discovery, Invention and Reinvention

The theme of this year’s issue of our E-Journal seeks to reflect on the continuous (re)discovery and (re)invention processes which historical disciplines and our understanding of the past go through over time.

Through the course of history individuals, countries and cultures have discovered and rediscovered their pasts; inventing and reinventing personalities, identities, social structures, conventions and ideologies. An iconic figure or artefact may be discovered, forgotten and rediscovered by the same or different peoples and cultures, bearing different meanings and connotations for each given context. An identity or concept may be invented and reinvented at different times. This conference intends to explore these processes and humanity’s connection to and continuous engagement with the past.

We are seeking abstracts for papers of 4000 words (although we can be flexible).

Suggested topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Intellectual history and reception
  • Material culture
  • Family and gender
  • Religion and ritual
  • Comparative history
  • Politics and national identity
  • Class and race
  • Memory and commemoration
  • Historiography
  • Interdisciplinary history


Please send abstracts of 250-300 words along with a CV to Emily Mitchelson ( by the 22ndof August, 2014. If your paper is selected, the deadline for the entire paper is the 19th of September, 2014