Postgraduate Feminist Reading Group 2013-2014

Postgraduate Feminist Reading Group 2013-2014

This informal postgraduate reading group offers the opportunity to read and discuss feminist writing. It is open to any interested postgraduate from any discipline or institution. The discussion is based around the reading of theoretical material often alongside literary or cultural texts. Participants are welcome to attend regularly or occasionally. We are a friendly and welcoming group, always looking for new input.

For any queries, please contact Elsa Richardson (Queen Mary, UL):

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Reading for the each session is listed below. Excerpts may be downloaded as PDF files. These materials are strictly for private study and research and should not be copied or circulated. They will be deleted after the meeting has taken place.

Spring 2014: ‘Sexual Politics: Revisiting Feminist Roots’

This semester the Feminist Postgraduate Reading Group will explore the politics, ideals and activism of the second wave through a close appreciation of Kate Millett’s Sexual Politics(1969). By revisiting this iconic text we wish to provoke a reassessment of second-wave feminism and come to a fuller understanding of its unique cultural legacies. Each month the group will consider a portion of Sexual Politics alongside supplementary materials — articles, photographs, film, performances, sound recordings — in order to reflect upon generational politics, sexuality and the second wave, interstitial feminism, lesbian politics and reproduction.


Thursday 13th February, 6.30pm: Room 246, Senate House (2nd Floor)
‘Introducing Kate Millet and the Second Wave’


PDF: Introduction & Part 1 of Kate Millett’s Sexual Politics

Youtube: Town Bloody Hall (1979)

BBC Radio: Kate Millett

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