York Uni students fundraising for short film on suffragettes

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The HFN was asked if we could send this round as it might be of interest to subscribers. 

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My name’s Jamie Robinson and I’m a third year Film and Television Production student at the University of York. As part of my final year I am working on a film, No SurrenderNo Surrender is a period drama set during the early 20th Century, and follows the story of two women, Maggie and Jennifer. Jennifer is a young, middle-class, radical suffragette fighting for equality. Jennifer gets arrested and is sent to prison where she meets Maggie, an elderly working-class wardress stuck in the past with regards to her views on women’s rights. The story follows these two characters and the psychological battle between them as they gradually understand more about each other’s world view, and explores themes which still resonate today; generational differences, class differences, and, most importantly, gender equality.
In order to make this project a reality we are currently fundraising, so I am emailing to enquire as to whether you would be able to circulate the film’s indiegogo link (attached at the end of this email) amongst your members and followers, as I feel that this is an important project which they will want to see. In return for this we would be more than happy to publicise your organisation on our social media, such as Twitter and Facebook, as well as giving you a special thanks credit in the film.
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