The History of Feminism Network’s October 2013 conference [archived]


October 12th 2013, British Library

A day of dialogues between Women’s Liberation activists and younger feminists.

Today Britain is experiencing a resurgence of feminist activity. From online activism to protests at the impact of government policies, women are on the march again. What is the relationship between this new feminism and the Women’s Liberation movement of a generation ago?

On October 12th the British Library will host a day of discussion on the British women’s movement. Inspired by the new ‘Sisterhood and After’ oral history archive at the BL, women’s liberationists will be talking about their experiences as feminist activists with younger women who are working on the history of second-wave feminism.

In sessions on race, sexualities, reproductive choice, the rise of women’s history, and class and work, we will both celebrate and critically examine British feminism and its legacies. There will be lots of time for audience members to pose their own questions and provide their own memories of the time, so we encourage anyone with an interest to attend. The day will close with a question: what now for the women’s movement?

For a full programme, please see below.

Tickets will be £15 for the day (£5 concession). Pre-booking is essential, through the British Library’s Box Office, which can be accessed online (http:/, via telephone (+44 (0) 1937 546 546), or in person at the Information Desk at the British Library.

‘In Conversation with the Women’s Liberation Movement: Intergenerational Histories of Second Wave Feminism’ has been supported by the Sisterhood and After: an Oral History of the Women’s Liberation Movement project at the British Library, the University of Sussex, the Raphael Samuel History Centre, and the History of Feminism Network.


9.30-10:00         Arrivals. Refreshments will be provided

10.00-10:30       Introductions

10:35-11:20       Session 1 Women’s History

Interviewees:  Sally Alexander and Catherine Hall

Interviewers:  Lucy Delap (King’s College, London) and Rachel Cohen (De Montfort)

11:25-12:10       Session 2 Reproductive Choices

Interviewees: Denise Riley and Jocelyn Wolfe

Interviewers: April Gallwey (Warwick) and Freya Johnson Ross  (Sussex)

12:10-13:10         Lunch (not provided; sandwiches can be purchased in the BL or locally)

13:10-13:55         Session 3 Sexualities

Interviewees: Sue O’Sullivan and Beatrix Campbell

Interviewers: Sarah Browne (Nottingham) and Charlotte Jeffries    (Cambridge)

14:00-14:45        Session 4 Race

Interviewees: Gail Lewis and Amrit Wilson

Interviewers: Nydia Swaby (SOAS) and Terese Jonsson (London Metropolitan)

14:45-15:15          Coffee Break

15:15-16:00           Session 5 Work and Class

Interviewees: Cynthia Cockburn and Lynne Segal

Interviewers: Bridget Lockyer (York) and Kate Hardy (Leeds)

16:05-16:30       Closing remarks: Susuana Antubam, Women’s Officer of the University of London  Union

Please contact Sarah Crook at or Signy Gutnick Allen at with any questions about the event.

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