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Filmmaker ties history of women’s liberation movement with call to action for girls and women in leadership. Film to be included in National Center for History in the Schools

Los Angeles, CA – August 27, 2013 –Jennifer Lee’s documentary film, FEMINIST: STORIES FROM WOMEN’S LIBERATION is in official selection at the Cincinnati Film Festival, in Cincinnati, Ohio. It screens on September 9 at 3:00 pm and September 11 at 8:30 pm at the Tower Place Mall. The film is making waves globally and here in the U.S. It had its world premier in March at the Los Angeles Women’s International Film Festival and won “Best of the Festival” for Documentary. Lee was also invited to screen the film at the International Islamic University in Islamabad, Pakistan in April. About the invitation to Islamabad Lee said, “Pakistani women were amazed at how hard American women fought for their rights.”

Lee’s film is more than a historic look at the women’s liberation movement; it inspires the audience to ask ‘why didn’t we know this history?’ At every screening people have asked how to show this film to young people. Lee is now working with the National Center for History in the Schools on a standards-aligned web curriculum to use the film and modules of the film in the schools. Lee said, “I made my film to help women and girls in the United States understand the importance of the U.S. women’s liberation movement. I now see a strong connection between our lack knowledge of the women’s liberation movement and girls’ reluctance to see themselves as leaders.”

About making the film Lee says, “I was working as an editor at Technicolor Digital Intermediates when a co- worker whispered to me ‘Are you a feminist?’ And to Lee’s surprise she replied in a whisper, “Yes, I am a feminist.” Lee said, “I realized I didn’t know the details of the women’s liberation movement so how could I convince her it was good to be a feminist.” Jennifer Lee changed that.

Lee started interviewing many of the feminists who made the women’s liberation movement happen. Feminists in the film include well-known feminist icons such as Betty Friedan (Lee shot her last video interview), Gloria Steinem, and Robin Morgan. Other women in the film are not so well known such as Frances M. Beal, co-founder of the Black Women’s Liberation Committee, Kathie Sarachild, founding member of the Redstockings, and Sonia Pressman Fuentes, founding member of NOW.

Since making the film Lee has been invited to speak publicly about girls, women, and leadership She has spoken at UCLA, Hampshire College, and will speak at the University of Colorado in Boulder in November. Jennifer is a mother of a girl and believes in taking “daily action” in raising a girl because the proliferation of sexualized images of girls and very few images of female leaders lowers a girl’s expectations. Lee says, “Equality begins in the home. Parents and teachers have the ultimate power to show girls that women lead.” Lee recently published a chapter about equality in the home in AMERICAN DREAMERS published by “Make Sharp Stuff.”

Jennifer Lee is a visual effects industry veteran whose credits include ENCHANTED, BEOWULF, RACE TO WITCH MOUNTAIN, PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN, GHOST, THE HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER, and HOOK.

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