CFA – The Middle Ground Journal (for historians of feminism in world history)

The Middle Ground: An Online Journal for World Historians

The Middle Ground is a peer-reviewed journal for everyone with an interest
in world history and global studies. Everyone, no matter where you teach,
research and study, is warmly invited to contribute. The middle ground is
the common space shared between teachers and students, between research and
teaching, among all levels and types of places of learning, and among
different areas of specialization and methodological approaches. We embrace
and seek to nurture the common ground shared by all who are committed to the
studying and teaching of world history, broadly understood. In particular,
we seek to serve as the shared, common space between K-12 institutions and
colleges and universities.

We invite submissions of articles and essays, as well as translations,
fiction, and reviews of nonfiction, fiction, film, and television. We also
publish reviews of textbooks and reflective presentations of teaching
materials. Please contact the chief editor if you plan to submit a review of
a book or other artifact already in your possession. We call upon all
contributors, whether of an essay, article, or review, to consciously
address a broader audience beyond that of a traditional academic journal,
and to shape the work so that it may be used in a classroom on as many
levels as possible. We would like to particularly encourage contributions on
teaching from teachers, independent scholars and students. Submissions for
The Middle Ground will be accepted on a continual basis. Please see the
journal’s website for the submission guidelines.

All enquiries should be directed to the chief editor, Professor Hong-Ming
Liang, at MiddleGroundJournal (a) Gmail.Com or Professor Liang, The College
of St. Scholastica, Department of History , Duluth, MN 55811, USA.

The Middle Ground (ISSN: 2155-1103)* *is published by Midwest World History
Association (MWWHA), a proud affiliate of the World History Association
(WHA). The Middle Ground strongly encourages membership in both
associations. The Middle Ground gratefully acknowledges the generous
sponsorship and logistical support from the College of St. Scholastica,
Duluth, Minnesota, USA.

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