Freelance Opportunity: Exhibition Researcher/Writer or Company

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Freelance opportunity: Exhibition Researcher/Writer or Company

The Women’s Library, London Metropolitan University

Project: Working Women exhibition, autumn 2011
Application Deadline: 7 March 2011

Aim: Develop and deliver an exhibition about Women and Work

Today over 13.5 million women in Britain go out to work. It is a figure that has risen markedly over the last 40 years: in 1971, the employment rate for women was 56 per cent;  in 2008 it was 70 per cent. Women are now almost as active in the labour market as men. We have grown used to women working. Yet much could change. Current assessments of government cuts to public expenditure forecast that women will be amongst the biggest losers; it’s predicted that more women than men will lose their jobs either directly or through cuts in childcare.

The Women’s Library’s autumn 2011 exhibition – Women and Work – represents a timely opportunity to evidence the important role that women have played in the labour force and to show how they have challenged both economic and ideological attacks on their right to work outside the home.

Using the rich resources available at The Women’s Library and the TUC Library (both held at London Metropolitan University), the intention is to bring to life the often hidden stories of women’s working lives and to make to make this piece of history accessible to non-specialist audiences.

To realise the project, we are seeking to appoint a freelance Exhibition Researcher/Writer or Company to develop the exhibition, source material, select content, and deliver exhibition interpretation.

For further information please call 020 7320 3511, and for specification and application details email: