Publication – Women Artists Between the Wars

Women artists between the wars

A fair field and no favour
Katy Deepwell


Starting with a critique of existing methodologies and histories of the period, this book examines the production of women artists, looking at different areas and aspects of their activities, and particularly contrasting the lives of different generations of women artists. Many of these women’s names or their works are not familiar in art histories of the twentieth century. The book analyses how women artists’ presence which was consistently one third of the artists in many major exhibiting groups became less than 10% of the museum purchases and in art historical texts for this period. Comparisons are made between the opportunities presented to women artists and those of their male peers in the light of considerable change and restructuring within the art world in Britain during this period, principally due to the growing influence of modernism in the art market.

Katy Deepwell is Founder and Editor of n.paradoxa: International Feminist Art Journal, and her other books include Women artists and modernism (1998) and New feminist art criticism: Critical strategies (1995)

240x170mm     432pp

hb 9780719080807   01 August 2010   £65.00