Journal Special Issue – The History of Feminism Network’s First Publication

We are thrilled to announce the publication of a special issue of Women: A Cultural Review on ‘Rethinking the History of Feminism’, co-edited by the founders of the History of Feminism Network: Marc Calvini-Lefebvre, Esme Cleall, Angela Grainger, Daniel Grey, Naomi Hetherington, and Laura Schwartz.
The special issue brings together articles that were first presented at our inaugural conference at the Bishopsgate Institute in London in November 2008. We heartily thank their authors – Joanna de Groot, Caroline Bressey, Agatha Beins, Deborah Withers, Red Chidgey, and Stephanie Miller – for working so diligently with us over the past year.
Thanks also to Isobel Armstrong, who invited us to put this special issue together, and to the Bishopsgate Institute, the Raphael Samuel History Centre, and the departments of History and Politics at Goldsmiths, for funding the original event.