Journal Special Issue – n.paradoxa Volume 27 (Jan 2011) ‘Women’s Work’

n.paradoxa is the only international feminist art journal in the world. It is published bi-annually, Jan and July, from London.

Volume 27 (Jan 2011) ‘Women’s Work’ examines concepts of work inside and outside the waged labour market.


Gabrielle Moser  “Working-through” public and private labour
Sophie Calle’s Prenez soin de vous
Andrea Liss Memory Work, Trauma and the Maternal
Ewa Malgorzata Tatar Interrogating “postfeminism”: Women artists from Poland
Meredith A. Brown The Balance Sheet: A.I.R. Gallery and Government Funding
Reiko Kokatsu Mitsuko Tabe: Beyond Kyûshû-ha

Patricia Karetzky Gao Yuan’s “Precious Little Angel”
Kanitra Fletcher Up for Review: Re-presentations of Black Women’s (Art)work
Heike Friauf On the ‘grotesque working conditions’ of women artists
Amy Budd Reinterpreting the Mannequin: Allen Jones, Cathy Wilkes and Morag Keil
Christine Wertheim Craft-Work: A sampler of musings on art and labor in the
Information Age or how to make alterations in global financial fabrics
Katy Deepwell ‘The relationship between big and small things’ Interview with Tsaplya and Gluklya, Factory of Found Clothes