New Issue – Journal of Women’s History

Journal of Women’s History

Volume 22, Number 4, Winter 2010

E-ISSN: 1527-2036 Print ISSN: 1042-7961


Editors’ Note / Jean Allman, Antionette Burton

Politics, Patriotism, and Women in Ireland, Britain and Colonial America, c.1700–1780 / Mary O’Dowd

The Rights of a Florida Wife: Slavery, U.S. Expansion, and Married Women’s Property Law / Laurel A. Clark

The “Cradle of Glass”: Incubators for Infants in Late Nineteenth-Century France / Gina Greene

Claims to Protection: The Rise and Fall of Feminist Abolitionism in the League of Nations’ Committee on the Traffic in Women and Children, 1919–1936? / Jessica R. Pliley

Being Modern on a Slender Income: “Picture Show” and “Photoplayer” in early 1920s Sydney / Kirsten McKenzie

Pink Truck Ads: Second-Wave Feminism and Gendered Marketing / Ella Howard

Artful Narration: Puerto Rican Women Return Migrants’ Life Stories / Eileen J. Findlay

Roundtable: Women Gone Wild: Reflections On The Feminist Blogosphere

Introduction / Claire B. Potter

Being Held Accountable: On the Necessity of Intersectionality / Jennifer Ho

On Mommyblogging: Notes to a Future Feminist Historian / May Friedman

The Madwoman with a Laptop: Notes Toward a Literary Prehistory of Academic Fem Blogging / Marilee Lindemann

We’re all cowgirls now / Ann M. Little

Reflections on Feminism, Blogging, and the Historical Profession / Rachel Leow

Book forum: Erasure of the Euro-Asian: Recovering Early Radicalism and Feminism in South Asia by Kumari Jayawardena

Introduction / Shoshana Keller

Re-Orienting South Asia Studies: Sri Lanka, Gender, and World History / Shefali Chandra

Race-Mixing, Radicalism, and Reimaginating the Nation / Hilary Jones

Naming the Subject: Recovering “Euro-Asian” History / Emma J. Teng

Recasting The Half-Caste / Kumari Jayawardena

Book Reviews

What We Need to Know Right Now / Amy Richlin

Family Ideals, Colonialism and Law / Kenneth M. Cuno

A Life of Historical Writing, Auto/Biographical Writing, and Accounts of Women Workers in Traditional and Nontraditional Occupations / Joan Sangster

Family and Community in the Early Modern Period / Frances E. Dolan

(Post) Colonialism, Citizenship and Domesticity: Intersectionality in Feminist Histories / Clare Anderson


Acknowledgment to Reviewers