CfA – Final contributors to an Encyclopedia of the international history of feminist thought

Tiffany k. Wayne is seeking a final round of contributors for a two-volume encyclopedia of the international History of Feminist Thought to be published by ABC-CLIO (formerly Greenwood Press).  This project will include entries and primary source document excerpts on more than 200 feminist writers and thinkers across the globe and throughout time.

Below is the list of final entries needed for the project.  Each entry is 1500 words TOTAL and consists of a brief (500-700 word) primary source excerpt framed by biographical, historical and contextual analysis – all of which follows a specific format established by the press.  I will provide sample entries and bibliographical citations for English-language sources on all of the entries listed below.  You need not be a specialist in order to compile the entry, but only willing to do some further research!  Please forward to interested colleagues as well…

As this 3-year-long project comes to an end, we are now under a strict final deadline and I would need the entry (or entries) by March 1st.

Please do not commit unless you can absolutely meet a March deadline.  There is a small honorarium of $40 US per entry.

Please visit Dr Wayne’s website for contact information:

  1. Speech on taxation without representation, Hortensia (Rome, 42bce)
  2. “How I could best forward the cause of other women…” Radegund (520/5-587)
  3. “…my silken woman’s dress obscures my poetry…,” Yu Xuanji (China, c. 860)
  4. “The Condition of Women” (or other writings), Frances Wright (Scotland/U.S., 1820)
  5. “A Lecture on Women’s Rights,” Ernestine Rose (U.S./England, 1851)
  6. “Women’s Work,” Concepcion Arenal (Spain 1871)
  7. “The Woman Question in Switzerland,” Marie Goegg (Switzerland, 1884)
  8. writings by Callirhoe Siganou Parren (Greece, c. 1880s-90s)
  9. “Equality of Rights,” Francisca Diniz (Brazil, 1890)
  10. writings by Kate Sheppard (New Zealand, c. 1890s)
  11. Women and Economics, Charlotte Perkins Gilman (U.S., 1898)
  12. “The Great Victory in Finland,” Alexandra van Gripenberg (Finland, 1906)
  13. writings by Adelaide Smith Casely Hayford (Sierra Leone, c. 1920s-1940s)
  14. “A Room of One’s Own,” Virginia Woolf (England, 1929)
  15. women’s petitions, Aba Commission of Inquiry (“Aba Women’s War”) (Nigeria, 1930)
  16. “Social Conditions among Bantu Women and Girls,” Charlotte Manye Maxeke (South Africa, 1930)
  17. “Our Path to Emancipation,” Fatima Ahmed Ibrahim (Sudan, 1962)
  18. Sexual Politics, Kate Millet (U.S., 1969)
  19. “A Woman in a Man’s World,” Therese Casgrain (Canada, 1972)
  20. This Bridge Called My Back (or, “Toward a New Consciousness”), Gloria Anzaldua (U.S., 1981)
  21. “The Legal Status of Korean Women,” Tae-Young Lee (Korea, 1982)
  22. Sister Outsider (“The Master’s Tools” or other selection), Audre Lorde (U.S., 1984)
  23. “Call me Woman,” Ellen Kuzwayo (South Africa, 1985)
  24. The Beauty of Concealment, Zahra Rahnavard (Iran, 1987)
  25. “Women in the Future of the Theology of Liberation,” Maria Clara Bingemer (Latin America, 1990)
  26. Unity Dow citizenship case (Botswana, 1994)
  27. Warris Dirie (Somalia) – AND/OR – Efua Dorkenoo (Ghana), African women on anti-FGM (c. 1990s)
  28. Protocol on Rights of Women, African Union (2003)

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