Related Interest – Panel Discussion on Interdisciplinarity in European Gender Studies (LSE, London)

Interdisciplinarity: Desire and Dilemma in Contemporary European Gender
A Panel Discussion with Sabine Grenz (Göteborgs Universitet), Mia Liinason
(Lund Universitet), and Maria do Mar Pereira (Gender Institute)

Thursday 21 January 2010

5.30 – 7.00 pm

Room: D402

As one of the key concepts in Women’s, Gender, Feminist Studies (WGFS)
since its inception, “interdisciplinarity” is a familiar, but elusive term
in the contemporary European WGFS landscape. What exactly is
interdisciplinarity? How does one “do” it – intellectually,
institutionally, methodologically? What insights does it enable? What
challenges does it create? And how might we make sense of the current role
of interdisciplinarity as a buzzword in WGFS and in academic practices
partly shaped by neoliberal orientations? This panel will bring together
three researchers who have analysed and taught the practices of
interdisciplinarity in European WGFS for a lively discussion of these and
other questions.

Please join us for this seminar and the reception that follows.


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