New publication – Globalizing Feminisms, 1789- 1945

Globalizing Feminisms, 1789- 1945

edited by Karen Offen

December 2009 | Paperback: 978-0-415-77868-8 (Routledge) £25.99

Part I: Opening Out National Histories of Feminisms

1 Was Mary Wollstonecraft a Feminist? Karen Offen

2 Re-Rooting American Women’s Activism: Global Perspectives on 1848 Nancy Hewitt

3 Liberty, Equality, Morality: The Attempt to Sustain an International Campaign against the Double Sexual Standard Anne Summers

4 “To Educate Women into Rebellion”: Elizabeth Cady Stanton and the Creation of a Transatlantic Network of Radical Suffragists Sandra Stanley Holton

5 Women’s Rights, Feminism, and Suffragism in Japan, 1870-1925 Barbara Molony

Part II: Rethinking Feminist Action in Religious and Denominational Contexts

6 Feminism and Protestantism in the 19thCentury: First Encounters 1830-1900 Florence Rochefort

7 From Fredrika Bremer to Ellen Key: Calling, Gender and the Emancipation Debate in Sweden, c. 1830-1900 Inger Hammar

8 Indian Christian Women and Indigenous Feminism, c. 1850-1920 Padma Anagol

9 Settler Anxieties, Indigenous Peoples, and Women’s Suffrage in the Colonies of Australia, New Zealand, and Hawai’i, 1888 to 1902 Patricia Grimshaw

10 Challenging Traditions: Denominational Feminisms in Britain, 1910-1920 Jacqueline R. DeVries

Part III: Birthing International Feminist Initiatives in an Age of Nationalisms and Imperialisms

11 Constructing Internationalism: The Case of Transnational Women’s Organizations, 1888-1945 Leila J. Rupp

12 The Challenge of Multinational Empire for the International Women’s Movement: The Habsburg Monarchy and the Development of Feminist Inter/National Politics Susan Zimmerman

13 The Other ‘Awakening’: The Emergence of Women’s Movements in the Modern Middle East, 1900-1940 Ellen L. Fleischmann

14 Latin American Feminism and the Transnational Arena Francesca Miller

15 Internationalizing Married Women’s Nationality: The Hague Campaign of 1930 Ellen Carol DuBois

16 Inventing Commonwealth and Pan-Pacific Feminisms: Australian Women’s Internationalist Activism in the 1920s-30s Angela Woollacott

Part IV: Reconceptualizing Historical Knowledge through Feminist Historical Perspectives

17 Feminism, Social Science, and the Meanings of Modernity: The Debate on the Origin of the Family in Europe and the United States, 1860-1914 Ann Taylor Allen

18 Women’s Suffrage and Revolution in the Russian Empire, 1905-1917 Rochelle Goldberg Ruthchild

19 Women’s Suffrage in China: Challenging Scholarly Conventions Louise Edwards

20 Rethinking the Socialist Construction and International Career of the Concept “Bourgeois Feminism” Marilyn J. Boxer

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