CfP – Margaret Fuller: Transnational Exchanges

Margaret Fuller: Transnational Exchanges

An International Conference to be held at Bangor University, Wales.

Keynote Speakers: Professor Brigitte Bailey (University of New Hampshire)
and Professor Susan Manning (University of Edinburgh)

To mark the bicentenary of Margaret Fuller’s birth, we are organising a
symposium on transnational exchanges in Fuller’s writing, editing and
context. A unique thinker, influential journalist, engaging critic and
women’s rights advocate, Fuller was one of the most significant
international intellectuals of the nineteenth-century: her editorship of
the transcendentalist journal the Dial and her book Woman in the
Nineteenth Century (1845) pushed the boundaries of knowledge, philosophy
and political thought. In 1846 she also travelled to Italy as a foreign
correspondent for the New York Tribune to cover the nascent revolutions,
pursuing the transnational ideals fuelled by her classical education in
European languages and a fascination with cultures, traditions, and
identities. Her translations, travel writing and dialogues offer
intriguing insights into transatlantic connections and transnational
cultural exchanges. Some of the topics might include (but are not limited
to) Margaret Fuller and,

*       Transnational Movements of Culture
*       Travelling Ideas
*       Cosmopolitanism and Internationalism
*       US, Europe and Global Economies
*       Revolutions and International Politics
*       Transatlantic Romanticisms
*       American Empire and European Imperialisms
*       Transnational Women’s Writing
*       Sexuality, Gender, Androgyny
*       Translation and Cultural Exchange
*       Travel Writing, Writing Travel
*       Comparative Approaches
*       Dialogues and Experimental Writing

The symposium will be held at Bangor University, Wales on September 11-12,
2010 . Please send a 300 word abstract and a brief biographical
description by February 26, 2010 to Carol Tully ( and
Justin D. Edwards (


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