New Academic Society and Scholarly Journal – British Historians of Women in the Americas

The founding of a new academic society and scholarly journal

British Historians of Women in the Americas

There are many historians in the United Kingdom researching women’s
history in North or South America. Yet, we rarely gather as a group
that interrogates women´s history from a hemispheric perspective.
Instead our identity as historians of women within the Americas can
be blurred through identification with multidisciplinary or trans-
national gender-based organisations. Scholarly associations such as
the British Association of American Studies, Women’s History Network,
Institute for the Study of the Americas, the British American of
Nineteenth-Century Historians, the Economic and Social History
Societies, and the International Institute for the Study of Cuba,
amongst others, bring together researchers from different
disciplines, geographical areas and/or genders.

Excellent as these learned societies are, they nevertheless, focus
either on women across the world or in a single country in which
women are but one of many topics. British historians of women in the
Americas need an organisation in which their hemispheric gender
concerns can coalesce. The newly-founded British Historians of Women
in the Americas (BHWA) will bring together British-based researchers
on the history of women in the northern and southern hemispheres. Of
course, we welcome the participation of historians of North and South
America women or gender from outside the United Kingdom to
participate in all our activities.

A new academic journal
In cooperation with the Centre for American, Trans-Atlantic and
Caribbean History at Brunel University (CATCH), the British
Historians of American Women will launch a new scholarly journal,
History of Women in the Americas in 2010.  This peer-reviewed
electronic journal will publish cutting-edge scholarship on women´s
history in all parts of the Americas and between the Americas and
other nations. Papers that investigate women’s lives from single or
multiple vantage points whether topically or geographically are
equally welcome.

All correspondence with the Editor and all submissions must be in
electronic format. Articles should be between 6,000 to 8,000 words,
accompanied by a 250 word abstract. References should follow the
Chicago Manual of Style, 15th Edition, using the Humanities style.
Endnotes should be kept to a minimum. All direct quotations must be
referenced via endnotes with page numbers given.

Searching for British-based historians of women in the Americas
As part of the first issue of History of Women in the Americas,
Prof. Jay Kleinberg, as Editor, is writing an article on the
contributions made by British-based historians of North and South
American women.  The article has a number of purposes. First, it aim
to identify researchers across the UK, from Ph. D. candidates to
Professors. It will investigate whether being British-based leads to
common topics and/or historiographical approaches. Lastly the article
will foreground the significant research contributions on the history
of women in the Americas that  British scholars have made.

Since the aim of the article is to bring together the history and
historiography of women in both hemispheres, Professor Kleinberg asks your help in
locating British historians who investigate women’s history in the
Americas. This will help integrate scholarship on women throughout
the hemispheres, including women in Canada, Mexico, Latin and Central
America, and the Caribbean, as well as the United States.

If you feel you fit this category or know someone who does, could you
please email  It would be most
helpful if you could attach the abstract and relevant articles on
women and/or the relevant portion of your CV which mentions your
publications, so that your research appears in this essay. If you
have any questions please do get in touch.


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