CfP – Feminism and Nuclear Weapons in the Post Cold-War World


Call for papers for Workshop/Panel
Political Studies Association conference, Edinburgh, 29 March – 1 April 2010


In the 1980s, the activities of feminist anti-nuclear campaigners at
Greenham Common and elsewhere, along with Carol Cohn’s groundbreaking
work on masculinities and nuclear discourse, offered a distinctive and
high-profile feminist challenge to the Cold War nuclear order. Nuclear
weapons are now back on the political agenda in the wake of Barack
Obama’s speeches and negotiations on disarmament, the continued
controversy over the UK government’s decision to renew Trident, Iran
and North Korea’s contestation of the non-proliferation regime, and
continued fears around terrorist access to nuclear technology. Yet
feminist voices on nuclear weapons seem to have become more marginal.
In this context, there is a pressing need to highlight and bring
together feminist work on this topic, and to consider the implications
of recent shifts in feminist thought on gender, identity and
international relations. We are seeking papers which flesh out the
contemporary feminist contribution to the nuclear debate in the
current political conjuncture. More specifically, we are interested in
papers exploring the following themes: the changing relationship
between masculinities and nuclear weapons; the connection between
women, gender and anti-nuclear activism; and the gendered economic
costs of a nuclear world. Feminist contributions on other, related
dimensions of nuclear weapons are also welcome.

Please send abstracts of no more than 200 words to the workshop/panel
organisers, Claire Duncanson and Catherine Eschle, by Wednesday 23rd
September 2009.  Email: and

Please forward to other mailing lists or to individuals you think may
be interested.


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