Call for contributors – History of Feminist Thought Encyclopedia

Tiffany K. Wayne is looking for scholars to write up brief
entries/annotations for primary document excerpts for a two-volume
collection to be published by ABC-CLIO in 2010.  The collection will include
excerpts from more than 250 documents related to feminist thought and
resistance throughout history and around the world.  See below for entries
currently needed by a FIRM deadline of SEPTEMBER 1, 2009.

Each entry is a total of 1500-words, which includes a brief document excerpt
(usually half the entry, or 700-800 words), plus contextual information,
analysis, and a bibliography for further research.  Sample entries will be
provided and, in most cases, Tiffany has bibliographic and source information to get you started.
You need not be a specialist on the specific document or writer, but must be
able and willing to do the research necessary to place the writing in
historical and theoeretical context. Tiffany welcomes participation by established scholars as well as graduate students.

A small honorarium is provided by the press ($40 per entry), or those
contributing 4 or more entries may instead choose a copy of the published
volumes as compensation.

Please contact Tiffany at

ENTRIES LIST – Contributors Needed – as of May 2009
FOR:  History of Feminist Thought (Greenwood/ABC-CLIO)
Editor:  Tiffany K. Wayne, PhD   (

 1.. “The true woman…” poems by Enheduanna (Sumer, c.2300-2200? b.c.e.)
 2.. “Women received from the gods the same ability to reason that men
have…,” Musonius Rufus (Rome, 1 c.e.)
 3.. “Lessons for Women,” Pan Chao (China, 80 c.e.)
 4.. “…I always write as I please…,” Xue Tao (China, c. 800)
 5.. “Because I am a woman…” and “This wild lady…,” poems by Yeshe Tsogyal
(Tibet, c. 800)
 6.. “I hate silence when it is a time for speaking…,” Kassia (Greece,
 7.. “…my silken woman’s dress obscures my poetry…,” Yu Xuanji (China, c.
 8.. “Appeasing Radhika,” Muddupalani (India, c. late 1700s)
 9.. “La Defensa de las Mujeres,” Benito Feijoo (Spain, 1739)
 10.. “Discurso sobre la educacion fisica y moral de las mujeres,” Josefa
Amar y Borbon (Spain, 1790)
 11.. “…men and women are equal before God…,” Muhammad ‘Abdu (Egypt
 12.. Memoranda on women’s education, Raden Ajeng Kartini (Indonesia/Java,
 13.. Call to the Women of Ireland, Constance Markievicz (Ireland, 1918)
 14.. “The Difference between Men and Women…,” Nabawiya Musa (Egypt, 1920)
 15.. “Unveiling and Veiling: on the Liberation of the Woman…in the Islamic
World,” Nazira Zain al-Din (Lebanon, 1928)
 16.. manifesto of Irish Women’s Social and Progressive League and
“Electoral Address,” Hanna Sheehy Skeffington (Ireland, 1943)
 17.. speech at Arab Feminist Conference Huda Shaarawi (Egypt, 1944)
 18.. founding statement of Singapore Council of Women, Shirin Fozdar
(Singapore, 1951?)
 19.. “Towards Equality,” Committee on Status of Women in India (India,
 20.. “A General Strike,” Mariarosa Dalla Costa (Italy, 1974)


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