New resources – Movies on Italian and Swedish feminism in 1960s and 1970s

Women Make Movies is pleased to announce the release of Alina Marazzi’s
visually stunning journey through the history of the Italian feminist
movement of the ’60s and ’70s in WE WANT ROSES TOO, along with the
all-access look at history in the making of the world’s first feminist
political party in Sweden in Liv Weisberg’s THE FEMINIST INITIATIVE.

“Recommended… Fascinating…” -Educational Media Reviews Online

This stunning visual masterpiece is an exuberant testament to the resolve
of women of the ’60s and ’70s sexual revolution and feminist movement in
Italy. Viewers embark on a gorgeous storytelling journey through archival
footage, advertisements, and colorful images juxtaposed with the true-life
struggles of three diverse Italian women, Anita, Teresa, and Valentina,
who tackle issues of sexuality, empowerment, and their oppressive
patriarchal church and state.

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“We are talking about changing the patriarchy to democracy!”
-Jane Fonda, actress & activist

This behind-the-scenes look is a film about the passion, pitfalls and
promise of women working to establish the world’s first feminist political
party in Sweden in the spring of 2005. Even in one of the most
gender-equal societies in the world, the Feminist Initiative’s new path to
parliament sparks critical questions about gender differences in
governance and the struggle to have women’s voices heard in a patriarchal,
modern society. This is an amazing glimpse at what women do with power,
and what power can do to women.
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Recommended for courses in:
* Gender Studies
* Feminism & Global Feminism
* Law & Governance
* Mass Media & Pop Culture
* Motherhood
* Politics
* Women’s History
* Sexuality
* Sociology


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