Postdoctoral Scholarships – Helsinki

The University of Helsinki is one of the leading multidisciplinary  
universities in Europe. The University has 35,000 degree students and 
8,000 employees, about half of whom are teachers and researchers, and  
about half other professionals. It has 11 faculties and 19 independent  
institutes located on four campuses. The University’s strategic plan  
calls for maintaining a high profile in research and researcher  

The University of Helsinki invites applications for

12 Postdoctoral Researcher positions

for a fixed term of three years beginning on 1 January 2010. The aim  
of the postdoctoral researcher positions is to encourage talented,  
recently graduated doctoral degree holders to seek further  
qualifications and become independent professional researchers.   
Applications are invited from persons whose research fields are  
represented at the University of Helsinki.

The duties of the postdoctoral researchers include research according 
to the research plan submitted by the applicant, participation in the  
supervision of theses in their field and teaching related to their  
specialisation. Teaching duties account for no more than 5% of the  
appointees’ working hours.

Applicants who completed their doctoral degrees no more than six years  
prior to the application deadline (2 April 2009) are eligible to  
apply. The applicants may hold doctoral degrees from Finnish or  
foreign universities. The positions are located at the faculties and  
departments of the University of Helsinki.  Before submitting their  
applications, applicants must obtain the approval of the department  
head or institute director to work as a postdoctoral researcher at the  
department or institute in question.

The salary will be based on level 5 of the demands level chart for  
teaching and research personnel in the salary system of Finnish  
universities. In addition, the appointee will be paid a salary  
component based on personal work performance. The salary range will be  
between EUR 2,523 and 3,691 per month depending on the qualifications  
and previous experience of the appointee. In addition to receiving a  
monthly salary, each postdoctoral researcher will receive EUR 3,000  
every year for personal research expenses.

The online application form and instructions are available at > Postdoctoral researcher > Application  
instructions.  A list of the documents to be submitted in addition to  
the online application form is included in the application  
instructions. Applicants unable to use the online application form may  
request printed versions of the application form and instructions from  
the Registrar’s Office

Applications may be submitted as of 2 March 2009. The application  
deadline is 2 April 2009 at 15.45 (local Helsinki time).

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