New Resource – Women in Motion (Austria)

Frauen in Bewegung: 19181938. Biographien, Vereinsprofile, Dokumente (Women in motion. 1918–1938. Biographies, Organisational Profiles, Documents)


The new web presentation of Ariadne, the Women’s and Gender Documentation Centre at the Austrian National Library, is made accessible online in february 2009. „Frauen in Bewegung: 1918–1938″ is an information system on the web on women’s policy, women’s politics and women’s movements in the inter-war period 1918 to 1938. All over Austria historical activists and women’s organisations were evaluated and corresponding documents are presented. The website provides access to historical data, bibliographies and references to documents (books, periodicals, pictures, archival material) as well as to fulltext-documents. The digital documents presented are mainly women’s journals, proceedings and anniversary publications of women’s associations as well as a few collected works.


Frauen in Bewegung: 1918–1938″ is a joint endeavour of Ariadne and theDepartment of Contemporary History at Vienna UniversityThe project was financed by the Fonds zur Förderung der wissenschaftlichen Forschung (Austrian Science Fund)The new website emerged from apreliminary projectelaborated by Ariadne Frauen in Bewegung: 1848–1918Diskurse und Dokumente der österreichischen historischen Frauenbewegung“(Women in motion: 1848–1918. Discourses and documents of the Austrian historical women’s movement).



Ariadne / Austrian National Library


A-1010 Wien, Josefsplatz 1


Tel: +43 1 53410-457 u. +43 1 53410-487



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