New Journal – Journal of Modern Periodical Studies

The Pennsylvania State University press is pleased to announce the launch of the Journal of Modern Periodical Studies.

 In response to the burgeoning scholarly interest in periodicals of the period roughly from 1880 to 1950, the biannual JMPS will publish peer-reviewed research on a wide range of periodicals, whether they are aggressively modernist or anti-modernist, popular or elite, mass circulation or specialized, long-lasting or brief. Daily newspapers, weeklies, monthlies, quarterlies, and irregularly published little magazines will all be part of the field covered by this journal. We will not limit ourselves solely to “literary” magazines nor to those published in English, but will instead cultivate and pursue interdisciplinary work on all aspects of periodical culture, drawing on the work of historians, literary critics, sociologists, and others. The JMPS invites the submission of full-length articles, shorter notes and comments, bibliographies, biographical essays, and reviews of books, digital projects, research archives, and other such significant scholarly resources. The first issue will be published in January 2010 in a digital and print-on-demand format. The JMPS will be edited by Sean Latham and Mark Morrisson. Latham is Associate Professor of English at the University of Tulsa, Editor of the James Joyce Quarterly, Director of the Modernist Journals Project, and President of the MSA; Morrisson is Professor of English at Penn State University, Editor of the Refiguring Modernism series, and 2nd Vice President of the MSA. The editors will be assisted by a distinguished board of advisors that includes leading scholars in the evolving field of periodical studies. Manuscripts and inquiries should be directed to Sean Latham ( ) or Mark Morrisson ( ). All submissions should be written in English and submitted as Word (or RTF) files using the Chicago Manual of Style.

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