Job Opportunity – Women’s Library WLM Exhibition (London)

The Women’s Library, London Metropolitan University

Freelance opportunity: Exhibition Researcher/Writer
Project: Women’s Liberation Movement exhibition, autumn 2009
Deadline: 2 March 2009

Aim: Develop and deliver an exhibition about the Women’s Liberation

2010 marks the 40th anniversary of the first Women’s Liberation Movement
conference. To celebrate and reflect on this milestone, The Women’s
Library will be holding a major exhibition, exploring the movement’s
birth and the context in which it emerged.

The project represents an exciting opportunity to make this piece of
contemporary history accessible to  non-specialist audiences.  Using the
rich resources available at The Women’s Library and above all drawing on
the experiences of activists and sympathisers, the intention is to build a picture of what the movement meant to people at
the time, and what it means to us all now.

To realise the project, we are seeking to appoint a freelance Exhibition
Researcher/Writer or Company, who will develop the exhibition, source material, select content, and deliver exhibition interpretation.
For further information please call 020 7320 3511, and for specification
and application details email:

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