CfP – Women’s Activism: History and Historical Perspectives (Newport, UK)

    West of England & South Wales WHN 15th Annual Conference

   Saturday 4th July 2009

   University of Wales, Newport (Caerleon Campus) 

   Women’s Activism: History and Historical Perspectives  

   Call for Papers

    The theme of this year’s conference is women as agents of change across all historical periods.  Taking a broad view of the term ‘activism’, papers would be welcome on issues in which women have played an active role, whether as individuals or as part of an organisation (formal or informal), in promoting political, social, cultural or religious change.  The conference will be dedicated to the memory of our former Chair, Dr Ursula Masson, whose death in 2008 has left a much-regretted gap in our organisation and whose excellent work in the field of women and activism must be continued.        

   Or by post to: 

   Rachel Lock-Lewis

   Senior Lecturer (History)                     

   School of Education                Ysgol Addysg

   University of Wales, Newport   Prifysgol Cymru,Casnewydd

   Caerleon Campus                    Campws Caerllion

   Lodge Road                             Heol y Porthdy

   Caerleon                                  Caerllion

   Newport, NP18 3YG                Casnewydd, NP18 3YG 

   Wales                                      Cymru

   UK                                           DU 

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