CfP – Roundtable Participants 2010 AHA: Place in Women’s History

CFP: Roundtable Participants
We are organizing a roundtable for the 2010 AHA around the idea of Place in
Women’s History:

AHA Roundtable proposal
Is Gender an Island?: Place in Women’s History
Women’s history has a secured a place in history.  But what about the role
of place in women’s history? Conversely, regional and state histories tend
to overlook women’s role in the past, at least in the American context,
singling out special ‘moments’ of interest, such as frontier beginnings,
suffrage or WWII. Yet, just as often, scholars of locally-focused women’s
history fail to incorporate the role place played in shaping the history
of women in that region; instead telling a story where gender is the
primary or only variable, leaving narratives of state or regional history
unchanged. It is our contention that by gathering scholars of regional
women’s history, we can fruitfully discuss place as a category of analysis
useful for historians of women and gender, both those who consider
themselves regionally focused and those who have not yet.

We are seeking participants for a roundtable on regional women’s histories.
We would like to hear from scholars at work on state or regional women’s
history whose work addresses, or may address in the future questions such as:

To what extent do regional boundaries isolate or connect the women living
within those boundaries? What do we learn by treating political states and
geographic regions as historically unique locations or islands in women’s
history? Are these “political borders” always fruitful? How is place a
category in women’s history? How has place shaped gender? Has this changed
over time? Participants would ideally present historiographical musings on
the role of place, broadly defined as political and/or geographically
bounded regions, in the history of women in those states, or regions.

If you would be interested in participating please contact us ASAP at:


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