CfP – Going Public: Cross-disciplinary perspectives on presenting women’s history (Edmonton, Canada)

Going Public: Cross-disciplinary perspectives on presenting women’s history

October 22-24, 2009

Edmonton, Alberta

Presented by the Canadian Association for Women’s Public History

This symposium considers the complex and creative ways in which women’s
history is presented in public contexts. Participants are encouraged to
approach this issue from diverse perspectives. Topics could include, but
are not limited to, the following:

*       How do different disciplines deal with women’s history?
*       What are the locales where women’s history is created? What does this
mean for women’s history?
*       In what media is women’s history being created? How does this shape
presentation and interpretation?
*       Are there particular obstacles to situating women’s history in large
*       What methodologies and interpretive approaches can public historians
employ to engage their audiences in an active exploration of women’s

We are interested in having presentations from as many points of view as
possible and invite the participation of museum professionals, public
historians, academics, students, artists, performing artists, playwrights,
community activists, authors, artists, archivists, and others. We welcome
presentations in a variety of formats, including film or video
presentations, formal papers, research commentaries, and reflections on
ongoing projects and community activities.

Full panel proposals are encouraged. To apply as a panel, please submit: a
panel title and abstract of the panel session (no more than two pages in
length), including the names of the chair/commentator and each of the
panel members; and a one-page CV or abstract of no more than 250 words for each panel member. To apply as an individual, please submit no more than a one-page abstract and a one-page CV or a 250-word biography. Please note that abstracts will be published on the Canadian Association for Women’s Public History website.

Proposals must be received by April 2, 2009. Receipt of proposals will be
acknowledged. You will receive confirmation of your proposal’s acceptance
by May 1, 2009. Final copies of your paper must be submitted to the other
members of your panel one month prior to the conference. Please direct any
questions, and send all proposals to

Patricia Myers
Historian, Historic Resources Management Branch
Old St. Stephen’s College
8820 – 112 Street, Edmonton  AB  T6G 2P8


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