Related Interest – Interview with editor of Ms. magazine regarding Obama and feminism

Is Obama a feminist?

Kathy Spillar: Will Obama live up to his feminist designation on the cover of MS Magazine?

The Real News spoke to Kathy Spillar, the Executive Editor of Ms. Magazine to discuss the decision to feature Barak Obama on the cover of their publication.  When asked why President Obama received the cover of their magazine, which doesn’t usually feature men Spiller responded, “We wanted to capture the hopefulness and the mood of feminists across the country and really Americans across the country.” 

In response to some of the magazine’s regular readership criticizing the decision to put a man on the cover of the feminist publication, Spillar responded stating, “We wanted to make sure that people knew that he is a feminist and strongly committed to women’s equality”.  That being said she made it clear that Obama would still be held accountable for his campaign promises; “We’re going to hold his feet to the fire, this is not a free pass.”

For complete coverage of our three part interview with Kathy Spillar please visit our website:


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