Prize – Women’s History Network (UK) Book Prize

The Women’s History Network (UK) will award annually (until further notice) a prize of £500 for an author’s first single authored book which makes a significant contribution to women’s history or gender history and is written in an accessible style that is rewarding to the general reader of history.  The book must be written in English and be published the year previous to when the award is made. Current members of the WHN Steering Committee are not eligible to enter the competition. 

The prize will be presented at the Women’s History Network (UK) Annual Conference .  Books to be considered for this competition should have been published during the year 1st January 2008 and 31st December 2008.  

To be eligible for the award, the candidate should be a member of the Women’s History Network (UK) and be normally resident in the UK. 

We welcome submissions from any area of women’s history or gender and history.  The books will be considered by a panel of judges set up by the Women’s History Network (UK). 

Those wishing to apply for the prize should first contact 

Dr Kathryn Gleadle

Mansfield College


OX1 3TF 

Candidates for the Prize in 2009 must apply by 15 March 2009, sending a formal letter to Kathryn Gleadle and enclosing a copy of their book.   Publishers may be asked to verify the ‘first book’ status of the author and title, and will be requested to send further copies of titles that are shortlisted in due course. 

For further details visit the Women’s History Network website


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