Courses in Gender Studies at the Central European University



The Department of Gender Studies in Central European University 

is pleased to announce its Call for Applications for the academic year


The Department of Gender Studies offers degree programs in gender studies at
the MA and PhD levels. The department seeks to attract students for its
programs from a wide range of disciplines in the social sciences and the
humanities, and focuses on integrative and comparative approaches in gender
studies. A variety of intertwined scholarly interests (such as gender and
(post) state-socialist studies, nationalism, theory, cultural studies,
transnationalism, and international political movements) are emphasized.
With an important, but not exclusive, focus on Central and Eastern Europe,
both the MA and the PhD programs seek to contribute to the development of
socially relevant knowledge based on these approaches, and to critically
interrogate past and present developments related to gender in culture and


Degrees offered 


Master of Art in Gender Studies; one year

Master of Art in Critical Gender Studies; two years

MATILDA European Master in Women`s and Gender History; two years

GEMMA Joint European Master`s in Women`s and Gender Studies (Erasmus
Mundus); two years 

Doctor of Philosophy in Comparative Gender Studies 


For more information, see:


Financial Aid and Tuition

CEU has a comprehensive series of financial aid packages, ranging from the
Full and Partial Fellowship awards to tuition waivers. We offer these
packages, including assistance with medical insurance and accommodation, to
the majority of our students.

For more information, see:


Application Deadlines

*	January 9, 2009: For applicants to the Erasmus Mundus programs.
Complete application required, including language test scores. 
*	January 26, 2009: For applicants to all degree programs (except
Erasmus Mundus programs) wishing/required to take CEU-administered
admissions examinations and/or requesting exemption from the English
language proficiency requirement. 
*	March 16, 2009: For applicants to all degree programs (except
Erasmus Mundus programs) submitting applications complete with language test
scores and other applicable test scores. 
*	March 16, 2009: For CEU Master's students and graduates applying to
doctoral programs. 


Applying to CEU

To apply, please use CEU’s on-line application form. Instructions can be
found at:

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