CfP – Anarchism & Sexuality

[HoFN note: there is the potential for papers taking a historical view of the issues raised in this special issue]

Anarchism & Sexuality

a special issue of Sexualities: Studies in Culture and Society

Anarchism has long played a role in the politics of sexuality.
Embodied in the historic figures of Emma Goldman, Oscar Wilde, Edward
Carpenter & Daniel Guérin or in social movements including ACT-UP,
Mujeres Libres & Greenham Common Women’s Peace Camp, the erotic and
the anarchic have come together. Meanwhile, recent years have seen a
revival of anarchist scholarship intertwined with the global rise of
what some commentators have called “the movement of movements,”
characterised by horizontal forms of organisation and the practice of
anarchist ethics (Gordon, 2008). These movements against neoliberalism
include within them alternatives to increasingly corporate-friendly &
state-centred lesbian and gay politics. This special issue aims to
deepen the attention of scholarship to these and other (potential)
intersections of anarchism and sexuality.

Prospective authors are invited to consider the following themes (and
to offer their own):

* the sexual politics of anarchisms, libertarian socialisms and
autonomous feminisms

* sexuality, gender, race, class & ecology in anarchist & anarchic movements

* queering anarchisms

* autonomous queer spaces

* the sexual politics of hierarchy

* sexuality and cultural activism

Deadline for paper submissions: 15 April 2009

For author guidelines, see

For an extended bibliography on Anarchism & Sexuality, see

Submissions and queries to Jamie Heckert: Jamie.Heckert at


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