Call for Panelists – Rural Feminism

Jenny Barker-Devine is interested in creating a panel on Rural Women and Feminism for the 2009
National Women’s Studies Association Conference, November 12-15, in Atlanta. The CFP
may be found here:

Her paper discusses theoretical frameworks for rural farm women’s activism in the United States since 1945, and considers how women utilized a rhetoric shaped by “Relational Feminism,” to justify their participation
in agricultural organizations. She would be interested in finding fellow scholars whose research looks at rural women’s lives, both in the U.S. and internationally, and whose work considers the distinct needs of rural women and the nature of rural “feminism.”

In order to submit a proposal, it is necessary to frame the papers within a specific theme, most likely:
Theme 1: Thinking, Speaking, and Working Margin to Margin
Theme 2: Intersectionality as Theory, Method, and Politics

If you would be interested in setting up this panel, please e-mail Jenny
Barker-Devine at


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