Fellowships – Canonicity Project, Oslo

1 post-doctoral research fellowship (2 years) and 2 Ph.D. fellowships
(3 years) at the Centre for Gender Research, University of Oslo,

The Centre is seeking to appoint one post-doctoral and two doctoral
fellows from 01.01.2009 who will work on the project Canonicity,
Gender and Critique: The Hermeneutics of Feminism and Canon
Transformations. The project, which is led by professor Jorunn
Økland, will investigate Western philosophical and religious canon-
formation and -negotiation from a gender-critical, cultural-
historical and epistemology-critical perspective.

The project has two main parts, one material and one theoretical:

1. The first part will ‘excavate’ historical women whose writings
criticise, subvert or otherwise engage with the religious or
philosophical canons, and who have not been given sufficient
scholarly attention. Case-studies of theological, literary or
philosophical negotiations of biblical gender models will be included

2. The second and more theoretical part has a general aim of
strenghtening the reflection on canonisation as a gendered,
historical process, and on diachronic perspectives in gender-critical
theory within a hermeneutical framework. A more specific aim is to
illuminate the historicity of feminism and gender-critical theory,
and their dependence on particular canon-related discourses. The
project will ask questions such as: How has the canon contributed to
gender formation? To what extent does gender-critical theory rest on
the presuppositions of Western religious and philosophical canons,
and how can feminism itself be seen as emerging from certain
historical and ideational conditions? Further details on the project
can be found here: http://www.stk.uio.no/English/Canonicity.html.
Most of the first part of the project will be covered by our European
cooperation partners. The second part will be covered by the Oslo

The vacant positions are earmarked for the following investigations:

The Ph.D. projects can be related to part 1, part 2, or both. They
can be, for example, studies of one particular female-authored text
drawing on the Bible or on another work from the philosophical or
religious canon; gender-critical analyses of a particular
canonisation process; reception-historical studies of the use of
religious or philosophical texts on gender in a particular period or
over a period of time (part 1); or a study in feminist hermeneutics
(part 2).
The post-doctoral project should primarily address the more
overarching theoretical issues (part 2), but still on the basis of a
clearly defined historical material.

The projects will be independent, but the applicants must formulate
their research within the framework of the umbrella project.

Applicants for the Ph.D. fellowships must have a minimum of 5 years
of higher education (MA/MPhil). Applicants for the post-doctoral
fellowship must have completed their Ph.D.

Applicants must submit 3 copies of all necessary documentation ready
sorted in three piles, one for each member of the committee: an up to
date CV, a list of publications and a maximum 10-page project
description. Doctoral theses and publications should be made
available if requested by the selection committee. Applicants must
also present a plan for their work.

Applicants are further required to submit an extended application
form; available here http://www.admin.uio.no/opa/ledige-stillinger/
This form can also be obtained by contacting the Centre for Gender
Research on tel. +47 22858930.

It is a desirable (though not essential) criterion
that at least one the three fellows has a background in Biblical

The Ph.D. fellows will participate in organised research training at
the Faculty of Theology, Humanities, or Social Sciences, depending on
the proposed project. It is expected that all three fellows will
participate actively and on a daily basis in the activities of the

See further guidelines for appointments to fellowships at the
University of Oslo:

Applicants from minority backgrounds are especially encouraged.

Salary: Point 45-48 for the PhD-fellowships (= NOK 353 200 pro
annum); Point 57-62 for the post-doctoral fellowship (= NOK 435 700
pro annum).

Application deadline: 15. november 2008

REF. NO.: 2008/17518 (post-doctoral fellowship)
2008/17517 (Ph.D. fellowship)

For further information please contact the Centre’s office manager
Oddrun Rangsæter tel. +47 22 85 89 40, or project manager Jorunn
Økland, tel+47 22 85 87 23.


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