CfP – ‘The Sixities’ journal

The Sixties is Accepting Submissions for Upcoming Issues

The journal takes “the long sixties” (roughly 1954-1975) as its broad
focus, and includes transnational and comparative analyses.  To date, the
journal has received disproportionate numbers of submissions from US
scholars on US topics; submissions on non-US topics and from scholars in
South America, Asia, Australia, Europe and Africa are, therefore,
especially welcome.  Editors seek submissions in the following areas:

. Social movements and political protest
. Foreign and domestic policy
. Institutions and international relations
. Decolonization and North-South conflicts
. Women’s history, gender history and the history of sexuality
. The experiences of subaltern and sub-national groups
. Intellectual history
. Print culture and electronic media
. Music, literature, film, theater, architecture and the visual arts
. Industry, business and advertising
. Science, technology and ecology
. Crime and punishment

Articles should be no more than 10,000 words (excluding notes) and free of
specialized jargon, with Chicago Humanities referencing and limited
endnotes.  Please send submissions electronically to each of the
following addresses:,, and

Ideas for book reviews should be sent to John McMillian

 The Sixties is edited by Jeremy Varon (Drew University), Michael S.
Foley (City University of New York) and John McMillian (Harvard

Editorial Board: Beth Bailey, Winifred Breines, Marianne DeKoven, David
Farber, Peniel Joseph, Andrew Huebner, Daniel Kane,  Martin Klimke,
Felicia Kornbluh, Ian Lekus, Fredrik Logevall, Lorena Oropeza, Jermi
Suri, Rhonda Williams, Patricia Zimmerman.

The Sixties will be published twice a year in print and online (Print
ISSN: 1754-1328; Online ISSN: 1754-1336). Subsequent issue are available
by subscription.


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