CfP – Centre for the Study of Women and Gender (Warwick, UK)

The Centre for the Study of Women and Gender at the University of
Warwick would like to invite postgraduate students from any
institution working in the field to present at the Graduate Student
Seminar Series for the coming academic year. There is no
particular `theme’ for this year’s seminar series, and we welcome
submissions from a number of disciplines on gender related topics of
your choice. There will be six slots spread over the year.

The Graduate Student Seminar Series provides a friendly, informal
setting for graduate students to give presentations and exchange
ideas related to women and gender studies. At each meeting, a student
presents for approximately half an hour on a topic of their choice,
followed by a question-answer session. Attendance is open to
everyone, both faculty members and students, within and outside the

The goals of the seminar series are twofold:
• To provide a safe and comfortable venue for students to
present their research, to fine-tune conference
presentations/possible publications or to simply get used to the idea
of speaking in front of a group.
• To encourage everyone to get together informally to learn
about what the student community in the UK are working on in relation
to gender/feminist studies.

This centre is interdisciplinary and draws its membership from across
the university. It aims to provide a focus for research and teaching
on women and gender in the university and to facilitate the
development of interdisciplinary research in the area of women’s and
gender studies. Women’s and gender studies has been established for
almost twenty years at Warwick, the Centre itself was established in
1993 and in the summer of 2002 it became a research centre based in
the Department of Sociology.
Abstracts to be considered should be:
• Maximum 200 words
• Submitted by September 5th and emailed to Samantha Lyle:

For more information about the Centre please go to:


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