CfP- Special Issue of Lilith on ‘Historicising Reproduction: Feminist Problematics of Parenthood’

Lilith: Feminist History Journal


Historicising Reproduction: Feminist Problematics of Parenthood

Melbourne Museum Discovery Centre

Keynote address, Dr Cath Kevin, Flinders University

Reproduction and parenthood have presented significant theoretical and
personal challenges for modern feminists. While formal, legal, political
and industrial equality for women was largely won in the twentieth
century, sexual equality remains unreconciled to the demands of
parenthood. This conflict is witnessed in current debates about access to
IVF, affordable childcare and parental leave. Consequently, recent
feminist politics have centred on a series of problematics including:
reproductive rights, gender and the economics of parenthood, motherhood
and identity politics, nationalism and demographic policy, and queer
parenthood. So many of the
debates about motherhood and reproduction universalize particular
understandings and experiences. It seems timely therefore to historicize
reproduction from a feminist perspective. We invite proposals for papers,
panels and debates of thematically linked presentations. Contributions
from postgraduates and people working outside the academe are particularly
welcome. Contributions might be related to the following topics:

stem cell research
“designer” babies
queer parenthood
rights of indigenous parents
maternity (paternity) leave – parental leave
work/life balance
work based discrimination
systemic wage inequality
child care
public breast feeding
maternal feminism
race-thought and motherhood
‘welfare mothers’

Please send proposals including your name, the title of your paper, a brief
biography and a 200 word abstract to, by September

7, 2008.


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