CfA – Celebrating Women in American History


Celebrating Women in American History

5-Volume Illustrated Reference Series

We are inviting academic editorial contributors to a new series of social and cultural history reference
books for the high-school and college library market. The Celebrating Women in American History Series is composed of the following 5 titles:

  • Volume I: Beginnings to 1860: Colonization, Revolution and the New Republic
  • Volume II: 1861 to 1899: Industrialization, Political Activism, and the Temperance Movement
  • Volume III: 1900 to 1937: Emerging Roles in the Progressive Era and Great Depression
  • Volume IV: 1938 to 1960: Expanding Social Roles and Postwar Activism
  • Volume V: 1961 to the Present: Modern Feminist Movement and Contemporary Issues

Each volume is organized with the following chapters:

1) Introduction

2) Women in Society (changing roles)

3) Women’s Rights

4) Women’s Health

5) Women’s Education

6) Women in Politics

7) Women in Science and Medicine

8 Women in the Arts and Literature

9) Women in Business

10) Women in Entertainment (and Sports in later

11) Motherhood

12) Marriage and Family

Thus a chapter assignment, for example, is: “Volume II 1861-1899: Chapter 3 Women’s Rights.” The Celebrating Women will be published by Facts On File, Inc., and is a production of Golson Books, Ltd.
Elizabeth Purdy, Ph.D., serves as General Editor, reviewing all submissions for historical accuracy and acceptability.

Each chapter is assigned as 6,000 words, including sidebars and bibliographies. Deadline for submission is January 1, 2009. A $250 honorarium is paid for each chapter.

If you would like to contribute to building a truly outstanding reference on our ethnic heritage, please contact Susan Moskowitz, Managing Editor, at Please provide a brief summary of your academic/publishing credentials.


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