CfP – Feminism, Fashion and Flair: Confronting Hegemony with Style

HOFN note: This call for papers does not explicitly invite papers with a historical focus but may nonetheless be of interest to historians.

Call for Papers: Feminism, Fashion and Flair: Confronting Hegemony with

We are soliciting academic papers for an anthology on feminism and fashion.
Fashion is a powerful way we express our politics, personalities, and
preferences for who and how we love. Yet fashion can also repress freedom
and sexual expression. Fashion encourages profound creativity, rebellion,
and defiant self-definition while simultaneously controlling and
disciplining the body. Fashion signals resistance to sexual morés and it can
also promote a problematic consumer culture. Fashion creates collective
identity, but also constrains individual voice. In other words, fashion
contains the paradoxical potential for pleasure and subjugation, expression
and conformity.

This book explores the productive tensions generated by fashion and style.
We are interested in essays that take up questions of gender with special
attention to race, class, sexuality, age, and ethnicity. This collection
blends theory and pop culture analysis in exciting ways, focusing on
contemporary trends and controversies.

Suggested topics include, but are not limited to:

Theories of agency, style, and the presentation of self
Performing identity: race, class, gender and sexuality through style
Consumerist pleasure and anxiety
Fashion production in the context of global capital and trade
Bois, grrls, trannies and styles of queerness
Hardcore, metro, punk, and khakis: constructing masculinities through
Body art and ethnic appropriations
Debates in plastic surgery and re-fashioning the body
Class identity and decorating domestic space
Feminist fashion: debates over style and politics
The ethics of green production and marketing
Everyday pornography and fashion fetish
Virtual style and online identities
Material culture and craft in a postmodern world
Slumming and radical chic: tensions of authenticity and irony
Vintage and thrift fashion: nostalgia and class signifiers
DIY Style: fashion off the corporate grid

Deadline for abstracts is August 15, 2008.

Format for abstracts: Word document, double-spaced, between 300 and 500
words. Include contact information and short bio.

Send to:

Shira Tarrant
Assistant Professor
Women’s Studies Department
California State University, Long Beach,


Marjorie Jolles
Assistant Professor
Women’s & Gender Studies Program
Roosevelt University


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