Workshop – Women and Sport in Europe (University of Sheffield -UK)

Workshop – Women and Sport in Europe – April 4 2009 (provisional date)

The aim of this one day workshop is to identify common research ground
between researchers working in the field of women’s sport in Europe with a
view to examining possible areas for future collaborative research. Diverse
in respect of its subject matter the study of women’s sport also
accommodates a range of research methodologies. Although all approaches are
welcome, we would particularly welcome contributions delineating sport’s
links with the broader political, cultural and economic context in which it
is practiced or consumed. Comparative studies of the evolution of a sport or
sport in two or more European countries would also be of great interest
although not essential. Scholars across the disciplines are invited to send
a proposal for a conventional 20 minute paper or, alternatively, a brief
description of their current research and an outline of areas to take
forward for discussion at the workshop. Some suggested subject areas can be
found below:

Feminism and women’s sport
• Women’s sport in wartime
• Sexualities and sport
• Women’s sport and the mass media
• Literary representations of the sporting woman.
• Sport and schooling.
• University sport clubs
• Party political youth movements and sport
• Dissident youth culture
• State intervention in women’s sport
• Sport and the Church.
• Sport and public space
• Sport and dress reform.
• Professionalisation of women’s sport

The list is by no means exhaustive!

Please send expressions of interest/abstracts by September 1st 2008 to:

Dr Wendy Michallat, French Department,University of Sheffield, Sheffield S10


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