Call for editors – /thirdspace: feminist theory and culture/

Call for editors – /thirdspace: feminist theory and culture/

(Deadline: June 6, 2008

The editors of /thirdspace: feminist theory and culture/ want you to join
our team. We are looking for feminist scholars to strengthen our editorial
working group and help continue our commitment to making /thirdspace/ a
prime online journal for the best international work in feminist theory and

Our mandate is to produce a top-quality journal that demonstrates a wide
range of applications for feminist theory and methodology. We envision a
broad definition of studies in “feminist theory and culture” which can
include, but are not limited to, development and applications of feminist
theory; cultures of feminism and feminist movement (including academia); and
feminist cultural studies.

Our priority is enabling the publication of feminist scholarship within the
modern climate of a profit-driven and competitive publishing industry. At
this point, our volunteer, open-access model has been enormously successful
in terms of readership. We currently enjoy an audience of over 7,000 unique
visitors per month.

We are seeking feminist scholars who support our aim of embracing the web as
a prime space for feminist collaboration, and are excited to help
/thirdspace/ continue its mandate.

The journal�s communications are conducted entirely through online contact
(e-mail, instant messaging, etc.) and our operations are run through our
online journal publishing system that underlies the /thirdspace/ site.

All editors must have regular access to e-mail and the web, and be
comfortable with virtual collaboration. Editors� duties include: reviewing
submissions; soliciting referees to review articles; copyediting; writing
editorials; and preparing submissions for final publication. Other duties
include promotion of the journal and soliciting submissions.

We have several editorial positions open at this time. Field of expertise is
open, although we are especially looking for editors with expertise outside
of North America.

One position is reserved for scholars who are capable of editing submissions
in French at a high academic level and performing English-French
translation, as well as enthusiasm for promoting the journal to the
francophone community and soliciting submissions from French-speaking

We are also looking for editors who have HTML coding skills and/or
proofreading and copyedit experience, and who are interested in contributing
to the operations side of the journal. Experience in grant writing and
scholarly fundraising is also an asset.

At this time, our editorial positions are non-stipendiary, as the lack of a
clear traditional publishing niche and our insistence on open access has
limited our opportunities for funding. We will however be pursuing key
funding opportunities this year, with the aim to offer honorariums to

For all applicants, please indicate your experience in editing academic
work, the strengths and skills you would bring to the position, your own
areas of scholarly expertise and interest, and the scholarly communities you
are involved in. We welcome applications from emerging and early-career
feminist scholars (including senior ABDs, post-doctoral fellows, and new
independent scholars), as well as more established feminist scholars.

The position(s) will commence in July 2008.

Please send a letter of interest and experience, along with a CV and full
contact details (including e-mail address) by attachment (Word or
WordPerfect) by June 6 2008 to:

info [at]

We will be in correspondence with all applicants.


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