CFReviewers – Minerva Journal of Women and War

CfReviewers- Minerva Journal of Women and War

May 2008 List of Books for Review & Reviewers – Minerva Journal of Women
and War

The Minerva Journal of Women and War invites reviewers for a number of
books that we have recently received. Minerva seeks to provide informative
and timely reviews of books which focus on any aspect of women’s
relationships with wars, conflicts and militaries, from a variety of
disciplinary perspectives. In addition to single book reviews (or reviews
of up to three books), longer review articles are also welcome.

Those interested in reviewing books for the journal or who would like to
suggest books to be reviewed are invited to contact the Book Review
Editor, Marie Woodling, at . Please
state which book you would like to receive, your academic affiliation,
your area of expertise, and your preferred mailing address.

Book reviews and review articles should be double spaced and sent as Word
documents attached to an email message to the Book Review Editor.
Acceptance for publication is conditional on approval. Book reviews and
review articles are subject to editing. For further information regarding
book review guidelines, please see

The recently published books listed below can be obtained from the Book
Review Editor for review in future issues of Minerva Journal of Women and

Fell, Alison S. and Sharp, Ingrid (eds). 2007. ‘The Women’s Movement in
Wartime International Perspectives, 1914-19’ . Palgrave Macmillan. 288pp.
ISBN: 9780230019669, £53.00 (hbk).

Pankhurst, Donna (ed). 2008. ‘Gendered Peace: Women’s Struggles for Post-
War Justice and Reconciliation’. New York; Oxon: Routledge. x + 224pp.
ISBN: 978-0-415-95648-2, £60 (hbk).

 Sjoberg, Laura and Gentry, Caron E. 2007. ‘Mothers, Monsters, Whores:
Women’s Violence in Global Politics’. x +242pp. ISBN: 9781842778654 £55.00
(hbk);  ISBN: 9781842778661, £17.99 (pbk).

 Summerfield, Penny and Peniston-Bird, Corinna. 2007. ‘Contesting home
defense:  Men, women and the Home Guard in the Second World War’.
Manchester: Manchester University Press. xviii + 320pp. ISBN:
9780719062018, £55.00, (hbk); ISBN: 9780719062025, £15.99 (pbk).


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