CFP: Journal of Women’s History: Reproduction, Sex, and Power

CFP: Journal of Women’s History: Reproduction, Sex, and Power

Reproduction, sexuality, and bodies have been key sites for state and

religious intervention and control, for defining gender, class, race, and

sexual identity and for establishing hierarchies and inequalities.  They

have also been of central significance to individuals and to organized

feminist movements.  Although today some may think of “sex” and

“reproduction” as unrelated topics and fields of research, historically

they have been closely intertwined.  This issue seeks to spotlight the

centrality of reproduction, sex, and power to women’s history and to

demonstrate the ways in which power has been made, played, and fought over

and through reproduction and sex.  Indeed, histories of nations and

empire, foreign policy and law, religion and popular culture are not free

of these seemingly private experiences.  Precisely how power has worked

through reproduction and sex varies in time and place; this special issue

will illuminate the points of similarity, divergence, and convergence, the

moments when these areas of personal experience become politically

powerful and sites of collective action.  The range of possible topics is

broadly defined, including, for instance, obstetrics and gynecology,

midwifery, technologies, practitioners, birth control, adoption, sexual

practices, sexual identity and parenting, health and sex education.
Research essays from all time periods, geographical regions, and

methodological and theoretical stances on the themes of this issue are

Submission deadline is September 1, 2008.  Manuscripts should be no more

than 10,000 words with notes.  Please consult the JWH website for

submission guidelines:’s_history/guidelines.html.
Submissions should be addressed to:

Leslie J. Reagan

Editor, Reproduction, Sex, and Power Special Issue

Journal of Women’s History

c/o Department of History

University of Illinois

810 South Wright Street

Urbana, IL 61801


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