CfP – Pan-Feminism: The Dispersal of a Critical Attitude (USA)

Pan-Feminism: The Dispersal of a Critical Attitude

College Art Association meeting in Los Angeles, February 25-28, 2009

Sponsored by the CAA Committee on Women in the Arts

This panel extends the discussion on feminist perspectives to non
women-centered topics, begun at CAA in Boston in 2006. Participants will
examine instances in which the theoretical models used in various feminist
discourses have been applied or may be legitimately applied to non-women
centered topics. Panel organizers invite papers that investigate or perform
the dispersal of feminist critical thinking and practices. Questions to
consider include: How are the lessons of feminism dispersed into questions
posed by queer studies, post-colonialism, transgenderation,
communications/media studies, or by the very questioning of notions of
culture and race? Does the feminist objective to proliferate feminism
paradoxically challenge the centrality of the feminist subject? Gender
studies successfully generalized the lessons of feminism into the study of
the social construction of gender, which led to the subsequent study of the
“engendering” of men. But these remain gender-centric pursuits, and the
lessons/principles of feminism apply to fields and subjects (agents) more
diverse than traditional gendered investigations alone can describe or
analyze. In what ways is feminism being dispersed, for good or ill?

Panelists will explore the instances in which a topic outside traditional
women’s issues has benefited from a feminist/pluralist perspective. The
session will then open to include questions and discussion with the
Send proposals for 20-minute papers by May 9, 2008 to co-chairs:

Janet T. Marquardt, Eastern Illinois University
Jorge Daniel Veneciano, Rutgers University


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