Call for Papers – Gendering Imperialism Conference

CALL FOR PAPERS BY 30 MAY 2008 Gender has increasingly informed research into the British and other European empires in recent historical scholarship. This conference aims to address various aspects of the gendered experience of empire and imperialism within the British empire and other European empires, including the experience of women, the impact of empire on gender relations and changing constructions of gender roles, including conceptions of masculinity. The conference also aims to explore the interaction of gender with other categories of identity formation such as class and race, and to interrogate the concept of an undifferentiated ‘British’ empire. Research on aspects of the English experience of empire has often been overgeneralised as ‘British’, and we would particularly encourage contributions which consider national (i.e. Scottish, Welsh, Irish and English), regional and local experience of engagement with empire and its impact on the construction of gender identities. This conference also seeks to address gender from the perspectives of scholars and historians working on the impact of imperialism in, for example, South Asia, Africa, Canada and other white settler colonies. KEYNOTE SPEAKERS INCLUDE: Andrea Major, University of Edinburgh; Clare Midgley, Sheffield Hallam University; John MacKenzie, University of Edinburgh; and Adele Perry, University of Manitoba (tbc).
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