Call for Papers – Special issue of Lesbian Studies Journal on “Lesbians in History”

Dr Alison Laurie is guest editing a Special Issue of the Lesbian Studies Journal, on
“Lesbians in History”. She is looking for a variety of articles – including
previously published work which could be reprinted. She isinterested in
theoretical accounts about the difficulties of doing lesbian history, when
so much gets destroyed, and the denial industry is so forceful, as well as
specific accounts about possible historical instances of lesbianism –
individual women or groups of women, magazines or meeting places. She is keen
to include articles from as many countries and continents as possible.

The Journal is peer-reviewed, and is published by Haworth Press, New York,
as a Journal and simultaneously as a book, by Harrington Park Press.
Projected date for this special issue – 2009-2010.

Please contact her at:

Dr Alison J. Laurie,
Programme Director Gender and Women’s Studies,
Victoria University of Wellington,
Wellington, New Zealand.


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