Call for proposals – New editorial team for the Journal of Women’s History

The Journal of Women’s History, founded in 1989 as the first journal
devoted exclusively to the international field of women’s history, invites
proposals for a new editorial home for a five-year term beginning July 1,
2010.  Over the course of two decades, the Journal has successfully
bridged the divide between “women’s” and “gender” history by foregrounding
women as active historical subjects in a multiplicity of places and times.
In doing so, it has not just restored women to history, but has
demonstrated the manifold ways in which women as gendered actors transform
the historical landscape. Admirably, the journal has never advanced a
specific feminist agenda, but has consistently aimed to make visible the
variety of perspectives, both intellectual and methodological, which
feminist historiography has generated in the last quarter of a century.
Both by design and by virtue of the diverse research undertaken by
scholars of women, gender and feminism, the journal itself constitutes a
living archive of what women’s and gender history has been, as well as a
testament to its indispensable place in the historical profession at
large. Moreover, it sets the agenda for the plurality of feminist
histories yet to be written.

We seek an editorial team that will continue to foster these traditions
while also bringing new and innovative ideas to the Journal.  Interested
parties should contact the Journal office as soon as possible at the
Department of History, University of Illinois, 309 Gregory Hall, Urbana,
IL  61801,, to request a prospectus that outlines
the current organization and funding of the Journal.

Proposals to edit the Journal should include:  1) a statement of editorial
policy, including an analysis of the current place of the Journal in the
historical profession and a potential agenda for the future; 2) an
organizational plan for the editorial and administrative functions of the
Journal; 3) a statement of commitment of institutional support; and 4)
copies of curriculum vitae for the editor or editors.  Please note that
available software for online article submission and review now make it
possible to assemble an editorial team from more than one institution.

Proposals are due to Eileen Boris, President, Board of Trustees, Journal
of Women’s History, Women’s Studies Program, South Hall, University of
California, Santa Barbara, CA 93106 by February 27th, 2009.


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