Call for Papers – Gender and Citizenship: New and Old Dilemmas, Between Equality and Difference


Giangiacomo Feltrinelli Foundation’s /Cortona Colloquium 2008/

Gender and Citizenship: New and Old Dilemmas, Between Equality and Difference/*

Cortona, Italy, 7-9 November 2008

The *Giangiacomo Feltrinelli Foundation*, one of Europe’s leading centers
for scholarly research on modern political, economic and social history, in
cooperation with the *Centre for Study and Research on Women and Gender
Differences *of the *University of Milan*,* *invites doctoral candidates
and young PhD recipients or independent researchers to submit proposals for
participation at the */Cortona Colloquium 2008 –/ /Gender and
Citizenship: New and Old Dilemmas, Between Equality and Difference/*,/ /to
be held 7–9 November 2008 in Cortona, Italy.

This year’s edition of the Foundation’s annual international conference
will feature Professor* Nancy Fraser*,* *The New School for Social
Research*, *as its keynote speaker, and will be coordinated by Professor
*Bianca Beccalli*, University of Milan.

Colloquium Themes

The Colloquium will be focused around, though not limited to, the following

Ø /Equality and Inequality in the Family, at Work and in Society/ //

Ø /Gender Policies and Politics: Equal Opportunities, Welfare Models and
State Actions/

Ø /Women’s Political Participation and Representation/

Ø /Multiculturalism and Rights: The Borders of Citizenship/

Ø /Gender and Globalization: New and Old Patterns of Inequality/ */__/*

To ensure a stimulating exchange of ideas from diverse perspectives, we
welcome proposals from candidates working in a variety of disciplines and
fields, including gender studies, sociology, history, political science,
law, economics and more, and from both theoretical and empirical
perspectives. //


*_General Information _*

The Colloquium will take place from 7–9 November 2008 at the /Centro
Convegni S. Agostino/ in Cortona, a lovely medieval hill-town in Tuscany.
Participants will be expected to arrive on the afternoon or early evening
of Thursday, 6 November.

A small number of applicants (10) will be selected to attend the
Colloquium. Successful applicants will have the opportunity to present and
discuss their doctoral research projects, or a specific part of them,
within five workshops chaired by prominent scholars.

The Giangiacomo Feltrinelli Foundation will arrange and cover the cost of
accommodations in Cortona for successful applicants, and provide a lump-sum
contribution sufficient to cover low-cost roundtrip travel within Europe. A
limited number of grants will be available to cover accommodation and
travel for applicants from countries outside of Europe.

The working language of the Colloquium will be English.

Deadline for Submissions_*

Candidates must submit their proposals to the Foundation no later than
Sunday, *_18 May 2008_*/ /(NB: early applications are very welcome).
Proposals must include three separate documents:

1. a completed *application form* (to be found on the third page of this
Call); **

2. an *abstract* (approx. 500 words) on the research to be presented,
including a *title* and 3-5 *keywords*;*__*

3. a* brief curriculum vitae *(not more than 2 pages).*__*

All materials should be in English and named per the following indications:
“last name application.doc” (e.g. /Parr application.doc/); “last name
abstract.doc” (e.g. /Parr abstract.doc/); “last name CV.doc” (e.g.
/Parr CV.doc/). Please submit all proposals and inquiries to the attention
of Sara Benjamin, Colloquium Coordinator, at

A Scientific Committee headed by Bianca Beccalli will evaluate all
proposals and notification* *of acceptance will be sent to applicants by
early July 2008.

Please note that *successful applicants will be required to submit a full
(working) paper *in English (maximum of 5,000 words) by Friday, *_19
September 2008_.*

* *


*/Cortona Colloquium 2008/*

*/Gender and Citizenship: New and Old Dilemmas, Between Equality and

Cortona, Italy, 7-9 November 2008


* *

Please complete this *application form *and email it along with an
*abstract** and brief* curriculum vitae** to the attention of Sara Benjamin
at _no later than 18 May

First name:

Last (family) name:


Country of current residence:

Country from which you would travel:

Current academic affiliation, if any, and mailing address /(please include
Department if applicable)/:

Current position and/or title /(If you are currently a PhD candidate,
please state when you expect to receive your degree and from which
institution. If you already have your PhD, please state in what year you
received it and from which institution)/:

Title of your Ph.D. thesis or research project:

Title of the present proposal:

Which of the 5 thematic (workshop) areas would your proposal best fit?

Current mailing address:

Current email address:

Daytime telephone number(s):

How did you learn of this Call?:

/* //Please send your *abstract* and brief *CV* as separate documents. Both
should be in English. The abstract should be approx. 500 words long and
provide a brief description (contents & structure) of your research project
as well as a *title* and 3-5 *keywords*. The *CV *should be no more than 2


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