The Germaine de Staël Society for Revolutionary and Romantic Studies
enthusiastically solicits your participation in the international symposium
scheduled for May 8-10, 2009 at Washington University in Saint Louis

The event comes on the 20th anniversary of the first international congress
on Staël in America, held at Rutgers University: “Germaine de Staël:
Crossing the Borders.” The conference, devoted entirely to the works of this early
multiculturalist exiled from her native France by Napoleon, has resulted in
an impressive number of studies in various disciplines: women’s studies,
history, art, music, political science, pedagogy, language theory, translation, among
many others. These contributions testify to the sustained interest in Staël’s
thought and to the magnitude of her influence on her era and on our own
modernity. It’s time to survey the work of twenty years done in this field
and to examine new paradigms for Staël studies in the 21th century.

Submissions may address topics such as transatlantic crossings; Staël’s
Anglo-Saxon and American followers and critics; known and unknown
literary/intellectual relations; salon sociability; private correspondences;
dissemination of knowledge; cultural studies; travel literature;
ambiguities of places/spaces; national literatures and languages; colonial intersections;
translation practice and theory; language as a socio-political system;
language and performativity; improvisation; women’s publishing and
censorship; Staël and women’s Romanticism; Staël as novelist, playwright, and
theoretician; literature and other arts; political/social thought; Staël as historian;
the French Revolution and the Terror; Staël and revolutionary aesthetics;
reception theory; feminist and masculinist readings; Staël’s critical practice;
critical cross-currents; teaching Corinne today; Staël in the age of digital
humanities; electronic journals and bibliographies; new biographies; cinematographic
Proposals written in French or English must be received by October 1, 2008.
In addition to the traditional format of presentation (20-minute papers) more innovative formats are encouraged (i.e. round table discussions or performances).

The participation of scholars, both from abroad and from diverse fields, promises a conference of exceptional scope. The event will take place on the Washington University campus, and participants will be lodged at the Knight Center because of its convenient campus location and proximity to Saint Louis’s rich French heritage.

Karyna Szmurlo       (Clemson University)
Tili Boon Cuillé        (Washington University)
College of Arts and Sciences, Washington University
Department of Romance Languages and Literatures, Washington University
Division of Comparative Literature, Washington University
College of Architecture, Arts & Humanities, Clemson University


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