Recently published articles in the history of feminism

Women’s Studies: An inter-disciplinary journal Volume 37 Issue 2
The Limits of Emancipation: Changing Approaches to Feminism in
Early-twentieth-century British Women’S Drama
p. 110 
  Authors: Rebecca Cameron


Gender & History , Volume 20, Issue 1, April 2008 
 Hatching Feminisms: Czech Feminist Aspirations in the 1990s
Angela Argent
Page 86


Women’s History Review, Volume 17 Issue 1

The Emergence of Feminism in Fiji
p. 39 
  Authors: Margaret Mishra

Culpable Complicity: the medical profession and the forcible feeding of
suffragettes, 1909-1914
p. 79 
  Authors: J. F. Geddes


Women’s Studies International Forum

Radical activism and accidental philanthropy: The impact of first wave feminist activism on the later construction of child care policies in Australia and the United States of America
Pages 42-52
Nonie Harris


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