British Federation of Women Graduates Scholarships


Charities administered by British Federation of Women Graduates (BFWG) have limited
funds to make awards to women graduates undertaking doctoral research in Great
Britain (ie England, Scotland and Wales). This webpage explains the arrangements for
awards and scholarships made by the Academic Awards Committee of BFWG on the basis
of a criterion of academic excellence. These awards are made without reference to
financial need.

The Academic Awards Committee (AAC) is a Standing Committee of the Executive of the
British Federation of Women Graduates. Follow this link to find out who they are and
what they do.

BFWG’s Fellowships and Scholarships are a key-part of their commitment to women and
intended to encourage advanced scholarship and original research by women graduates.

Current Competition:
The competition for academic awards runs from 1st December to late March/early April
each year.

National Awards for 2008/09 and International Awards for 2009/10

Leaflet and application material available from December 2007
Deadline for submission of applications: 28 March 2008
Notification to candidates whether or not they have been invited for interview: late
May 2008
Interviews will be held on Saturday 21 June 2008
(i) Candidates should note the interview date carefully and keep it free.
Alternative interviewing arrangements can only be made in very exceptional
(ii) Travel within Great Britain (England, Scotland or Wales) by public transport at
the cheapest rate, will be paid for those invited for interview
(iii) Decisions will be announced shortly thereafter
Payments will be made to successful applicants in early September 2008
National Scholarships/Awards:
The National BFWG awards are awarded to women research students for their final year
of formal study towards a doctoral higher degree (PhD, DPhil, DMus, etc). This
assumes the application is made during the period of the competition. Typically,
awards will range from £2,500 to £6,000 although a successful candidate would not be
offered more than one BFWG award in the same year.

Although there are various named scholarships, most awards are open to any field of
study. A few are set aside specifically for medical sciences, geography,
architecture or engineering, and biological, geological, meteorological or
radiological science. Not all of these are likely to be awarded in each round of
awards. You can choose to specify which award you would like to apply for, but you
can also leave that section of the Application Form blank for the AAC to allocate. 

It is not a condition to join BFWG when applying for a national award although all
women graduates are eligible for BFWG and IFUW and UWE affiliated membership.

To make an application


To find out about the awards made by these NFAs click onto . In many
cases you can apply directly to these NFAs, provided you are a member of the NFA in
your country, but for some, including IFUW awards offered triennially, you must
apply via the (National) annual competition in order to seek a recommendation from
the BFWG Academic Awards Committee.

Membership to BFWG (or SFUW) for students studying in Britain is a condition for
IFUW and other NFA International awards especially when a recommendation is

Follow this link to find out more about how to join BFWG.

Paper copies of National and International Awards:
Paper copies of the leaflet can be obtained upon receipt of a C5 (22cm x 15cm)
stamped (1st or 2nd class) self-addressed envelope to BFWG HQ, 4 Mandeville
Courtyard, 142 Battersea Park Road, London SW11 4NB, UK. If the leaflet is to be
sent outside GB two international reply coupons (obtainable from any worldwide
post-office) with the self-addressed envelope is required.

FfWG (Funds for Women Graduates):
FfWG – the trading name of the BFWG Charitable Foundation, our wholly owned
subsidiary – helps women graduates with their living expenses (not fees) in Great
Britain in their final year of a PhD or DPhil. They can also provide emergency
grants to assist with the completion of an academic year’s work. If you have a query
about eligibility contact or the FfWG Grants Administrator, Mrs Jean
Collett, by phone 01732-321139, or by e-mail .

NB FfWG Grants are separate from and based on different criteria to the BFWG
Academic Awards.


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