Summer Internship (New York) – Margaret Sanger Papers Project

The Margaret Sanger Papers Project is pleased to announce its summer internship program for 2008.

We seek applications from graduate or advanced undergraduate students to work with the editorial staff at the Project’s offices in New York City. This is a wonderful opportunity for students to become proficient in primary and secondary research, and the process of editing historical documents for publication. Interns can apply for internships working with the book or digital edition. BOOK INTERNSHIP: Interns will be working on Volume IV of the Selected Papers of Margaret Sanger, covering the years 1922-1966 and focusing on her efforts to create a global birth control movement. Interns will work under the supervision of editors on specific topics, tracing people, places, events and issues covered in the documents. The research will be used to produce annotation and introductory material for the volume. Research will be conducted in the Project’s offices, using the comprehensive microfilm edition and other primary sources, as well as at local libraries and with resources available on the Internet. DIGITAL INTERNSHIP: Interns will be working on a digital edition of Sanger’s speeches and articles, on texts written by Margaret Sanger in the 1930s. Interns will be proofreading the texts, adding XML encoding, and drafting subject index entries for the documents. Interns will conduct research as needed to verify dates, titles, and publication information, or to identify the names of people, organizations and books mentioned in the documents. More information and application information can be located on our website, at: The deadline for applications is March 1, 2008.


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